When it comes to selling a property in Canberra, the immediate visual impact of the photographs are the number one buyer attraction tool. If your photos look amazing, you will have more buyers who wish to inspect the property. If your photos are average then there is a high likelihood that buyers will dismiss your property in the first few seconds of looking online and you will never get them to consider your property again.

The more buyers that inspect your property, the more chance you will have to get buyer competition which in turn will achieve you a higher selling price. You want your photographs to be high quality and accurately represent your property to its maximum potential.

Take the photos below as an example. These are real life examples of photos that have been used by an agent recently to advertise a property in Canberra.

What was your immediate reaction? Did you get excited and want to call the agent to book an inspection, or, did you get a bad feeling about the property and decide against inspecting it?

Many agents say that they have a professional photographer however more often than not, their professional photographer is a family member or an agent who does it on the side.

Before selecting an agent to sell your home it’s important to have a look through the photos of other properties they are currently selling. This will give you an idea of their attention to detail and the skills of their photographer.

Here is an example of a Canberra home which has been photographed lately.  Both of the photographs were taken by a “professional photographer”.

Did you notice it was the same room?

If you were looking to buy a home and you viewed the photos of the above two properties, would you prefer to visit the first one or the second?

Another thing which I should also mention here, it’s best to focus on quality, not quantity. As there is no limit to the amount of photos that can be displayed of a property on the internet, it’s become more common for real estate agents to upload as many pictures of the property as possible.

This can potentially be detrimental to the sale of your home.

When a buyer looks through the photographs of your home online, they are looking to include or exclude homes from their search. If they see great shots of the property and appealing areas of a home they will be excited about coming to see it in real life. If however, they see some nice pictures but some mediocre pictures of something they don’t like, they may then decide not to inspect the property.

For this reason, it’s best to only show the best features of your property. There’s no point taking a picture of an unrenovated laundry or a small bathroom. Just stick to the stand out features of your home and emphasise them to the best of your ability.

If you have any questions about preparing a home for sale in Canberra and you’d like to know how it may photograph, please feel free to call me anytime for a chat.